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Myspace Flash Layouts LoveMyFlash.com

I was sitting by my laptop one day listening to my ipod and I came accross these really cool looking myspace layouts. Im into web design so i like the cool visual style right away. And Best of all they're Free!

A really cool visual style for myspace layouts.A library of myspace flash layouts and the ability to fully customize each one. Cool, simple and nice layout. LoveMyFlash made by Professional web designers.

Check My - Myspace out to see an example of one of these layouts.


You can get a layout like this by
clicking on this link to the site.


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Heres a quick comment from the site:

What is LoveMyFlash?

LoveMyFlash is much different to other layout sites. Forget about html layouts, LoveMyFlash provide highly customizable flash templates.

Our profiles look more like a real flash web site, each one created by professional web designers and flash developers.

So if you're bored of your MySpace page layout and all the other layout sites on the internet, have a look through our free web layouts!

LoveMyFlash are now offering their website design services! For an estimate, get in touch!